Entertainment Content Owners Association of India
- Since 1963 -

  • This will outline the various aims of the body & the current & future activities undertaken for the well being of the members.

  • To offer Legal Guidance, Register & Safeguard various rights of the content owners across all genres, languages & formats.


    To Coordinate with State & Central Governments, legislative authorities & other related departments for making representations for the reduction & revision in tariffs, taxation, levies, GST & other Policy matters etc.


    Issuance of Notices to TV Channels, Digital & Other existing and Upcoming Platforms for Infringement & Encroachment of Members Rights. Resolving disputes concerning Double Sale of Rights by the Producers & Copyright Holders.

  • Initiate, Promote & Support Passage of Laws, Decrees & Administrative Regulations beneficial for Content owners and Exporters within the Union of India & Other Countries.


    Subsequently also approach the I & B Ministry for appointing the body as an enlisted association for content registration & other related activities.

  • Publish Public Notice Ads on its platforms conveying trade acquisition of various rights & disputes. It will also constantly disseminate Trade Centric Updated Information & Developments to the Members on a regular basis.

  • ECOA will create B2B opportunities on their platforms for content owners to promote & monetize their content globally.

  • To attend & participate in Important Film Markets globally & represent the Objectives of the body and the interest of the Indian Entertainment Content Owners.

  • Promote & Market Members Content on various platforms of the body.